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The 2006 Ford Expeditions Interior: A Great Family and Cargo Vehicle

If you want a pleasant place to be on a long trip, make it the interior of a 2006 Ford Expedition. If youre in the drivers seat, the controls are easily gripped and theyre shaped for comfort. The Eddie Bauer Expedition is the nicest with its soft leather trim and metallic finish trim on the air vents and the door handles. Upholstery in light colors gives the car a fresh feeling. The lower models, which are more affordable, have padded trim on the doors and upholstery is comfortable and looks great. For a comprehensive local resource of auto companies with feedback, comments as well as motorcycle and car repair points visit this website.

The Ford Expedition is a terrific family vehicle. It has lots of storage space and there are pockets on all four doors that will hold a large bottle of soda or water. There is a center console in most models that will hold a laptop computer or a small briefcase. Its also a great place for women to put their handbags while they're driving, which is something that most car manufacturers dont think of and theres a special place to hold pens so you will always have one handy if it's needed. The console lid is nicely padded and it feels great even on the affordable models like the XLT. The third row seats are power operated and fold down flat with the nothing but the magic touch of a button. No more wrestling for space. It only takes the touch of one finger.

The third row seat is split in a 40/60 ratio. Just hit a button on the cargo area wall and one side of the seat moves down. Touch another button and the other section of the seat moves down and the power buttons are place for easy access and convenience. Once youve hit both buttons, the entire third row seat disappears and presto, you have a cargo area that is perfectly flat. The engineering of this feature is awesome to watch as the seat folds down and covers the gap thats between the hinged seats and the cargo area floor. Its perfect for a quick transition from a passenger vehicle to a cargo mover and then, when you pick up the kids, just hit the buttons again to restore the passenger seats. The third seat is spacious enough for the comfort of two very large adults. If no one is using the third seat, lower the headrests so theyre flush with the back of the seat for better visibility for the driver.

Most SUVs cargo floor has a slant to it when the third seat is put down. Not the Ford Expedition; the floor is perfectly level. This, combined with the flaps that cover the seat hinge gap makes loading and unloading cargo a snap. There is nothing for cargo to catch on; no edges, no gaps and the window in the back gate opens quickly for easy access to items in the cargo area without having to open the entire gate. The second row bench seat has a nice feature that Ford has dubbed the CenterSlide. The seat is split at approximately the two thirds point and the center section can be moved forward about a foot to a point where it almost meets the center console in the front. This is a wonderful feature for people who have infants, toddlers and children who are trapped into car seats, because it allows them easy access to the children. As well, the small back seat in the center can be folded down for children to use as a table. Its a perfect place for kids to color or play travel games on a long trip. For a comprehensive local resource of auto companies with feedback, comments as well as motorcycle and car repair points visit this website.

The second row outer seats can easily be folded forward for access to the third row seat for convenience when traveling. Its easy for any person in the second row seat to access luggage, snacks or other items that are in the cargo area. The Ford Expedition has a Reverse Sensing System as a stand alone feature in the 2006 models. This is a great feature because a tone warns the driver when there is anything behind him when the vehicle is in reverse. This will definitely help to prevent accidents when young children are standing behind the vehicle. However, be aware that you are responsible for knowing whats behind you, so dont misuse this feature. If you look for different car models and vehicles for sale go to for a comprehensive local list of cars by year and price. The Ford Expedition has some programmable interior systems and theyre easy to program for everyone. As well, the automatic door locks can be turned off if you wish. Another auto feature that is impressive moves the front seat back when the ignition is turned off for comfort when exiting and entering the vehicle. Other great features of the Ford Expedition are easy handling, low emissions and great fuel economy. It gets14 to 18 miles per gallon in four wheel drive and 14 to 19 miles per gallon in the city, which is great mileage for a 5.4 liter V8 engine that has great power and quick pick up.

The Ford Expedition is a great all round vehicle as a passenger or cargo vehicle. Drive one today. Youll love it.